Zum König geboren

Musikvideo / 2008 / ca. 5 min

Daniel Franke and Martin W. Maier filmed the way of life of a self-appointed king. Palms turn into clocks, a gun smoothing the way to the cut, not enough for a suicide. The word ”Njet ” combines to a busdoor, closing. Paper-mache made he drives through the studio set, led by a star, towards the faceless dancers. Money raining from above and a door guiding the way to marriage. In the end not everything is like in the beginning. The dancers are wearing suits now, the set fades away, leaving a rarely lit space. With their love to detail and in the style of Gondry, Franke and Maier have created their own Fantasy.

Song: Materia
Direkted by: Daniel Franke & Martin W. Maier
Choreographie: Kirsten Burger


Official selection of the MuVi-Preis at the Kurzfilmtage in Oberhausen. Winner of the MuVi-Audience-Award, www.kurzfilmtage.de

Bundesvision Song Contest 2009 für Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Daniel Franke www.wearechopchop.com

Martin W. Maier www.martin-w-maier.de